Call for contributions (International multidisciplinary miscellany): Rhaeti&Co. New Multidisciplinary Data on the Tyrrhenian-Etruscan Question

Call for contributions (Miscellanea internazionale multidisciplinare): Rhaeti&Co

Rhaetians & Co. – New multidisciplinary data on the issue of Tyrsenic – Rhaetians and Etruscans

Project developed from the online event and round table on 24 September 2021 (Verona – Rome).
Organising committee: S. Marchesini, A. Vanzetti, L. Zaghetto.
In collaboration with: Sapienza Università di Roma and Università di Rome Tor Vergata.

Festival Biblico 2022 edition

The Apocalypse in literature: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
with Don Paolo Alliata (writer), Simona Marchesini (archaeologist, linguist), Felipe Leon (cello)

New publication: Sacred Landscapes in Antiquity

We are pleased to announce the new publication edited by Ralph Häussler and Gian Franco Chiai entitled “Secret Landscapes in Antiquity” Creation, Transformation and Manipulation.

SAKRA seminar

Presentation of SAKRA – Permanent Seminar on Ancient Religions
Friday 16 October 2020, 17:30 (Rome), Zoom

ContaminActions for Europe

ContaminActions for Europe is a one-day webinar conference. The event is a collaboration between the aps Glocal Factory, an expert in training and Euro design, and the research organisation Alteritas – Interaction between Peoples, which studies forms of contact and exchange between different cultures and peoples. Both felt the need to discuss the current issues and s de facto concerning the European Union. The aim is to open a critical, multidisciplinary and diachronic discussion on the European identity formed through contaminations, and at the same time to become a concrete action for its construction.