We would like to inform you that the exhibition ‘Mending Distances and Places. For a Shared Everyday Life’, which will be held at the Museo Africano in Verona.

Alteritas is involved in the two-year action-research project, which stems from the common interest expressed by a plurality of partners (Department of Cultures and Civilisations of the University of Verona, Alteritas, Verona OFF Photographic Association, CESTIM, Fondazione Nigrizia Onlus – African Museum of Verona, Ad Maiora Association, Tinlé Cooperative, COSPE Onlus) in promoting forms of coexistence and mutual recognition between refugees and host communities. It stems from the need, perceived as pressing in the historical and political framework we are currently experiencing, to restore centrality and narrative capacity to the individual experiences of refugees, i.e. to subtract their life stories from the generalisations of the news in order to re-dedicate them to the personal dimension, in which the visions of the world and the incorporated knowledge inherited from their previous lives can become tools for integration and recognition in the destination countries.

At the end of the RICU project there will be an event with the presentation of the educational video on the project exhibition.
The event will take place on 10 December at 4.30 p.m. in the Africa Hall of the Comboni Missionaries and will be streamed by the University of Verona.
Pdf event poster.
Link to YouTube video