The digital volumes of Alteritas can be downloaded directly from this site.

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Tempus Tacendi. When silence communicates, International Multidisciplinary Miscellany edited by Anna Chahoud, Alessandro Campus, Gianfrancesco Lusini, Simona Marchesini, 2023.

ISBN 978-88-907900-9-6

DOI: 10.60973/TTVolum90096.20

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Hidden writings, invisible writings. When the medium does not get the message across, International Multidisciplinary Miscellany edited by Alessandro Campus, Simona Marchesini, Paolo Poccetti, 2020

ISBN 9788890790089

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790089


Expressions of individual suffering in Assyro-Babylonian texts
Silvia Salin, Verona, 2020, e-book

ISBN 9788890790072

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790072

Salin 2020


Alter-Habilitas. Perception of Disability among People, Miscellany edited by Silvia Carraro, Verona 2018, e-book

ISBN 978-88-907900-6-5

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790065

Carraro 2018


Simple Twists of Faith. Changing Beliefs, Changing People and Places, Miscellany edited by Simona Marchesini, James Nelson Novoa, Verona 2017, e-book

ISBN. 978-88-907900-6-5

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790058

Marchesini & Nelson Novoa 2017


Quis est qui ligno pugnat? Missionaries and Evangelization in Late Antique and Medieval Europe (4th-13th centuries)
Miscellany edited by Emanuele Piazza, Verona 2016, E-book

ISBN 978-88-907900-4-1

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790041

Piazza 2016


Second and Third Generation. Integration and Identity in Children of Migrants and Mixed Couples. Edited by Simona Marchesini, Nicoletta Martinelli, Anna Paini, Mariaclara Rossi.
Verona 2014, e-book

ISBN 978-88-907900-2-7

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790027

Marchesini, Martinelli, Paini, Rossi 2014

Interaction between peoples in prison. Investigation into the perception of the Other in imprisonment: the example of Montorio. Edited by Simona Marchesini e Silvia Negrotti, Verona,  2014, e-book

ISBN 978-88-907900-3-4

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790027

Marchesini & Negrotti 2014


Mixed Marriages: A Way Forward for the Integration of Peoples, Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Conference, Verona-Trento 1-2 dicembre 2011, a cura di S. Marchesini, Verona,  2013 – E-book

ISBN 978-88-907900-1-0

DOI: 10.53248/SDA790010

Marchesini 2013