ALTERITAS – Interaction between Peoples, founded in Verona in 2009, today an accredited research body, studies forms of contact and exchange between cultures and peoples of different origins, languages, cultures and traditions in the past and present.

The association is also accredited by the Veneto region as a research centre that continuously deals with migration phenomena.

Thanks to a network of more than 50 scholars from different disciplines, and the collaboration with various research institutions, universities and individual specialists from various disciplines, the association is engaged in research projects characterised by a wide range of topics and scientific approaches to the social and human sciences.

All projects aim to connect the present with the past, considering that migrations and interactions between peoples are constant elements of humanity.

On these topics, in addition to coordinating individual research projects, Alteritas organises symposia, conferences, interdisciplinary thematic days and publishes and presents scientific volumes.



President: Roberto Da Molin

Vice-President: Alfredo Buonopane

Secretary: Margherita Forestan

Steering Committee:

Roberto Da Molin, Alfredo Buonopane, Margherita Forestan, Nicoletta Martinelli, Simona Marchesini

Scientific Coordination:

Simona Marchesini