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SAKRA – Permanent Seminar on Ancient Religions

SAKRA - Permanent Seminar on Ancient Religions Organising Committee: Tommaso Poggi, Simona Marchesini Scientific Committee: Alessandro Campus - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Gian Franco Chiai - Université de Limoges, Maria Cruz Gonzáles Rodríguez - Universidad del...


Call for contributions (International multidisciplinary miscellany): Rhaeti&Co. New Multidisciplinary Data on the Tyrrhenian-Etruscan Question

2021-2025: xFORMAL: Informal and non-Formal E-Learning for Cultural Heritage

The xFORMAL project aims to ascertain the impact that informal and non-formal learning and knowledge can have on learners and citizens of all ages and, with this in mind, a tool will be constructed to provide insight into how people learn non-formally or informally in the real and virtual cultural space.

2020-2023: Project Erasmus+ SeLECt “Self-Learning Atlas of Ancient European CulTures”

The SELECT project (Erasmus+ Key Action 2, 2020-2023) aims to enhance the study of ancient history and geography by means of the multidisciplinary, multilayered, interactive and user-friendly self-learning ATLAS of the cultures of old Europe before Romanisation. The ancient peoples outside the Greek-Roman world are the “minorities of the past”, whose heritage is often neglected in the school system. The ATLAS will provide the European citizens with an overall view of the most ancient European heritage, which will be objectified on a map, a powerful visual tool in learning the past. The map refers to a territory which, in the present as well as in the past, continuously develops and changes its borders.

ALTERITAS – Interazione tra i popoli

Sede legale e istituzionale: via Seminario 8 – 37129 Verona
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