The xFORMAL project aims to ascertain the impact that informal and non-formal learning and knowledge can have on learners and citizens of all ages and, with this in mind, a tool will be constructed to provide insight into how people learn non-formally or informally in the real and virtual cultural space.

The consortium:

Alteritas team:

  • Simona Marchesini

  • Luca Zaghetto

  • Giuliana Borghesani

  • Giacomo Vizzino

  • Vincenzo Ria

  • Stefania Montanaro

Link to the xFormal website


Gaulish in XML – Digitization of the RIG, RIIG Project, with Coline Ruiz Darasse

Alteritas and the RISE xFORMAL project, in collaboration with the University of Boredeaux Montaigne and CNRS UMR 5607 Ausonius are pleased to announce the online event Gaulish in XML – Digitization of the RIG, RIIG Project, with Coline Ruiz Darasse, on 19 February at 16.00 CET. The event will be held online at Zoom and on the Ausonius YouTube channel:

Second Museum Day

The second Museum Day event was held on February 5, 2024, online at Zoom and on the Alteritas Facebook page. the theme was Access, Accessibility, Inclusion.


Jornada sobre conservación y exinición de epigrafía prerromana y cultura material asociada en museos

The event, with J. Fabre Murillo, J. A. Rodríguez, C. Gallego, I. Aguilera, S. Guido del Museo di Saragoza, will take place on 26.10.2023, from 14 to 18 CET, live on YouTube.

First Museum Day

As part of the xFormal project, Alteritas and its partners organized and participated in Museum Day.

The first event took place on March 6, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., online on the Zoom platform.