Festival Biblico 2022 edition

The Apocalypse in literature: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
with Don Paolo Alliata (writer), Simona Marchesini (archaeologist, linguist), Felipe Leon (cello)

Festival Biblico 2022 edition

Ancient peoples mistrusted writing as a means of transmitting knowledge. It is orality – they thought – that best guards the word from the risk of misunderstanding. From this point of view, the burning of books, which brutalised various pages of history, could not prevent the transmission of knowledge, the running of wisdom under the sky.
In Bradbury’s novel, too, there is a tension between the written and the oral. In a future, dystopian world, where literature is banned because it makes people think and opens up spaces of dangerous depth to the imagination, a few courageous dissidents preserve entire works in their memory, in order to hand them over to the civilisation of tomorrow. They have become true tabernacles of the word.
Memory and the depth of the heart are the fire to face the dark days. To keep oneself open to some tremor of revelation just when one risks drowning in superficiality.

ContaminActions for Europe

ContaminActions for Europe is a one-day webinar conference. The event is a collaboration between the aps Glocal Factory, an expert in training and Euro design, and the research organisation Alteritas – Interaction between Peoples, which studies forms of contact and exchange between different cultures and peoples. Both felt the need to discuss the current issues and s de facto concerning the European Union. The aim is to open a critical, multidisciplinary and diachronic discussion on the European identity formed through contaminations, and at the same time to become a concrete action for its construction.

AlteritaSeminars 2017. Inscribed Iron Age loom weights from Monte Loffa. Marchesini – Migliavacca

Almost reaching the end of the first cycle of the ALTERITASeminars, we would like to remind you of the appointment on Monday 18 December at 5 p.m. with the talk by Simona Marchesini and Mara Migliavacca on “Inscribed loom weights from the Iron Age from Monte Loffa (Lessinia): a code to crack”.
This will be followed by an exchange of greetings for the coming festivities and a small convivial moment.