Presentation of the Tempus Tacendi miscellany

On 4 December 2023, the presentation of the international interdisciplinary miscellany Tempus Tacendi was held live on Zoom and Facebook. When silence communicates, published in Open Access in July 2023.


Call for contributions (International multidisciplinary miscellany): Rhaeti&Co. New Multidisciplinary Data on the Tyrrhenian-Etruscan Question

Call for contributions (Miscellanea internazionale multidisciplinare): Rhaeti&Co

Rhaetians & Co. – New multidisciplinary data on the issue of Tyrsenic – Rhaetians and Etruscans

Project developed from the online event and round table on 24 September 2021 (Verona – Rome).
Organising committee: S. Marchesini, A. Vanzetti, L. Zaghetto.
In collaboration with: Sapienza Università di Roma and Università di Rome Tor Vergata.

New publication: Sacred Landscapes in Antiquity

We are pleased to announce the new publication edited by Ralph Häussler and Gian Franco Chiai entitled “Secret Landscapes in Antiquity” Creation, Transformation and Manipulation.

Miscellany: Missionaries and Evangelisation

Beginning with the fundamental Constantinian turning point of 313, the Church had the opportunity to extend its message inside the imperial territories as well as outside, thus giving life to a great work of evangelisation that then found in the crusader ideal an ‘instrument’ not only to ‘export’ the faith, but also to defeat the adversaries of the Church itself that lurked within the Christian ecumene. The research is conducted by favouring an approach that, in the light of the most recent historiography, places different perspectives – literary, hagiographic, anthropological and material – in dialogue with each other, offering an original analysis of the missionary phenomenon in its diachronic development, with reference to concepts such as: the affirmation and diffusion of Catholicism within the Roman Empire; evangelisation and pagan resistance; material evidence of missionary activity; analysis of documentary sources; diachronic evolution of the missionary phenomenon.

Monumenta Lingua Raetica

On 27 October 2015, the presentation of the volume Monumenta Linguae Raeticae, published by Scienze e Lettere, Rome, edited by S. Marchesini in collaboration with Rosa Roncador, was held at the Museum of Natural History in Verona. The volume was presented by Alfredo Buonopame, Angela Ruta and Franco Marzatico.